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Balancing Works Collective is your home for therapeutic massage and bodywork. Nestled inside Kindness Yoga studio in downtown Golden, Colorado, Balancing Works Collective is located at the epicenter of Colorado recreation. Our team of therapists are outdoor enthusiasts, just like you. We understand the importance of recovery and balance  for us that live an active lifestyle. When you return from your outdoor adventure, we will be here to care for your bodywork needs.

Therapeutic bodywork is an excellent pathway to achieve fast recovery of damaged muscles while diminishing stress and preparing the body for the next activity that life brings. Using a combination of sports and rehabilitation techniques, therapeutic bodywork is your go to for maintenance and recovery of an active lifestyle.

Your lifestyle is unique to you. We invite you to experience a healing and transformational session that speaks to your individuals needs. Explore our therapists and find your balance, flow and zen.



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Best experience!

This is probably the best massage I’ve ever had! I have a very active lifestyle and I would consider myself an athlete. Troy picks up imbalances within the body and really listens to his clients! I would recommend that anyone looking to relieve stress and improve athletic performance to see him! I always feel so much better after I see him once a month!


Take your enjoyment of athletics to the next level!

Troy takes the time necessary to understand your goals and where your body has been on a plateau and uses that to release muscular tension and open up your ability to safely push further into your enjoyment of sports. Make time to see him and you’ll feel better and open your body to improved performance.


Paula’s approach to massage is dynamic.

Paula simultaneously soothes aches and pains while rooting out their structural cause.
I’ve been working with Paula for almost a year. I came to her with weekly migraines and tension headaches. She focused on alleviating immediate pain in my neck and shoulders at first and then moved to the root cause of my headaches: my closed chest and poor posture.
Since she and I have worked to open up my chest with weekly massage and conscientious posture at work, my headaches have all but disappeared and I feel more connected to my body.
I cannot recommend Paula enough as a massage therapist. She has transformed my daily life.


Simply the best!

I get a lot of bodywork, and am a massage therapist myself. The sessions I get from Balancing Works are the best I’ve found in the greater Denver area. I walk out of there feeling balanced, at ease, and ready to take on my day!


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