Troy Lyon at Balancing Works Massage uses Therapeutic Sports Massage techniques to pinpoint your issue at its core, and unravel it, one layer at a time. He will give you tools (homework) to quicken the time of recovery in between bodywork sessions.

Therapeutic bodywork is an excellent pathway to achieve fast recovery of damaged muscles while diminishing stress and preparing the body for the next activity that life brings. Through his  experience with professional athletes and performers, as well as vast knowledge of the human anatomy, Troy caters to active Coloradans to support goals for optimal functionality and overall performance.

Modalities include Therapeutic, Injury Recovery, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Thai Massage. Troy also specializes in sport’s  massage therapy, working as a soigneur (a french word meaning “to care for”) with a number of professional cycling teams, and a wide variety of professional performers.

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Therapeutic Bodywork in Golden Colorado