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A place to find your Zen

If you have lived in Colorado for long, you have realized that we all are all a little extreme in our own right. Whether that is pushing your edge, training for that next race, crushing that Strava segment, perfecting your teli turns, mastering your yoga practice or simply striving to be a better human being in this world.

We all push ourselves to the limits. This is your place to step back from the edge and find your balance, your flow, your zen.

At Balancing Works Collective, our goal is to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable environment where you can melt into your bodywork artist’s hands and be sculpted anew. A place to renew, unwind and restore. Ultimately to find your balance.

We aim to best align you with the therapist and their modality that best suits you and your lifestyle’s recovery needs.

Our team practices what we preach. We all get frequent bodywork to maintain a healthy and balanced life and to be available to best serve your needs.

We recommend receiving a bodywork session at least once a month for general maintenance, once every two weeks to maintain optimal performance and recover from workouts and weekly sessions while recovering from an injury or intense training.

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