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Nicole Lilly, MA, LMT, RSMT

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It’s likely no secret to you that your symptoms – physical pain, emotional swings, relationship challenges, anxiety, stress, and tension – could be related to a more profound underlying issue.

These are not isolated experiences… and sometimes they don’t even make rational sense!

If your symptoms have persisted even after seeking out a treatment, there is probably something lingering under the surface that’s trying to get your attention!!

Often, these are accumulated traumas that have built up and taken residence in your body and emotions… they might even be so old that you don’t remember them.

Nevertheless, these events exist in our subconscious and impact our life at every level – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

Over the past decade, I have cultivated multi-dimensional healing methods and effective therapeutic experiences to create more freedom and resilience in your life. I want to help you dig deep and discover innate  strategies for Self-Care, Self-Trust, and Self-Love.

As your healing partner, we will co-create a heart-centered plan to get you in alignment and empower you with more awareness and new tools for lasting change.

Multiple sessions at regular intervals are recommended to uncover and heal at the depth you deserve. Sessions may include somatic therapy, bodywork, massage, energetics, movement, psycho-spiritual guidance, and more – all held in a trauma-trained framework. 

I offer flexible packages for individual sessions as well as monthly process and practice groups to deepen your transformation within a safe intimate community.

My credentials include a Master’s in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, and Registered Psychotherapist.

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