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Balancing Works Collective is a group of bodyworkers offering an eclectic range of healing modalities. Meet our team below!

Nicole Lilly, MA, LMT, RSMT

Pain and challenge aren’t isolated experiences – they impact us across physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimensions.
Over the past decade, I have cultivated multi-dimensional healing methods to create effective therapeutic experiences that are as dynamic as you are.
As your healing partner, we will co-create a heart-centered, holistic plan to get you in alignment and empower you with new tools for lasting change.
Sessions with me may include somatic therapy, bodywork, energetics, movement, psycho-spiritual guidance, and more – all held in a trauma-trained framework. I also offer monthly process and practice groups to deepen your transformation.
My credentials include a Master’s in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.

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Paula Saarinen

Paula is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, RYT-200, and Reiki Master. She combines her experience in injury rehabilitation, trigger point, and deep tissue with an intention to relax and re-educate the mind-body connection. Alongside her bodywork, Paula uses Solfeggio Body Tuning Forks to cultivate relaxation, mental clarity, and union within the body.
She approaches each client with open ears and an open heart. Paula strives to educate her clients through yoga principles, body rolling homework, and mindful meditation practices. She genuinely values the power of being an authentic provider in order to build relationships on trust and empowerment.
Paula offers therapeutic bodywork, reiki, and private yoga classes. Her sessions are tailored specifically to what each person needs in that moment. Paula aspires to increase her client’s body awareness one session at a time.

Holly Calvert, CNC.

Holly specializes in a non-invasive system of muscle testing called Nutrition Response Testing.  NRT allows us to find interference within the body such as; Chemical build-up, Heavy Metal build-up, Challenges with Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi/Yeast, Parasites and Food Sensitivities.
Muscle Testing allows us to build a specialized health improvement program based on exactly YOUR needs.  Each person is individual and has specific Nutritional needs.  Holly will design a specialized health improvement plan for you and may recommend specific supplements, homeopathic remedies or herbs if you need them.
Holly is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Certified Whole Health Educator and has 10 years of experience practicing Nutrition Response Testing.


Troy is a wonderful human! He truly listened to my needs and concerns regarding tightness/soreness I was experiencing and then crafted a massage that targeted those areas. Shoulder tightness that I had been experiencing for months was noticeably alleviated! His knowledge and innate talent are complimented by his kindheartedness. I cannot recommend him enough!


Great Bodywork!

I’ve been seeing Troy for over a year now and can’t say enough about how much he helps keep me healthy and feeling my best. As an professional endurance athlete, I train hard and recovery is key. Troy’s bodywork is has become a critical part to my recovery program. Highly recommend!


I wish I would have found Paula earlier!

After going through physical therapy and spinal injections, neither of which eased my back pain, I was told about Paula.  Our first session began to bring me the much-needed pain relief I had been seeking for what felt like ages.  I have been seeing Paula since the Summer of 2017 and I continue to see Paula bi-monthly to maintain my well being. She is a godsend who cares about her clients.


Fantastic bodywork

I’ve been receiving bodywork regularly for the better part of a decade. Troy was very good at listening to my needs and sticking to that plan and giving me exactly what I needed. I am an athlete and would highly recommend Troy to anyone who’s looking for ART that gets to the point. I highly recommend Troy if you’re looking for relief or recuperation from a particularly hard session. Overall, I will continue to see Troy for my massage needs! Thanks, Troy!


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